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Joint prevention and control in action: Love enterprises donated 30000 yuan of epidemic prevention materials to frontline epidemic prevention points

On January 6, Baoji Yidong Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. sent a batch of anti epidemic and living materials worth 30000 yuan, such as masks, disinfectant, instant noodles, to the exports of Lian Huo Expressway, Baoji Gaoxin, Jiangcheng, etc., to express condolences to the anti epidemic personnel who stick to the front line and show their love to the enterprise.

Most of our company's petroleum products are transported out of Shaanxi and abroad through roads and railways, and are sold overseas. This cannot be achieved without the strong support of Baoji Transportation. Recently, the epidemic prevention task in the city is very difficult, and it is necessary for the enterprise to make some contributions, "said a person in charge of the company.