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Warm congratulations to our company on successfully passing the API Spec 7K certification renewal audit and the API Spec 11E pumping unit new certific

From October 14th to 16th, 2013, API audit experts conducted a three-day API Spec Q1 quality management system certification renewal audit and API Spec 11E pumping unit new certification audit for the company.

During the audit process, API audit experts conducted strict and detailed audits of our company's design and development, document record control, procurement process, production process, product quality inspection process, data analysis, and other aspects in accordance with the eighth edition and supplements of API SPEC Q1, ISO 9001:2008 standards, and API Spec 11E standards. After the audit was completed, API headquarters audit experts fully affirmed the achievements made in the operation of our company's API Spec Q1 quality management system, and proposed rectification suggestions for individual shortcomings of the company.

Our company has been strictly controlling product technology and quality for many years. The successful passing of this audit has laid the foundation for the company's products to continue expanding into a wider domestic oil field market, and provided a strong guarantee for the company to enter the international market and strive for more international market share in the next step.