Desander Cleaner

Product Introduction:

Sand-removing cleaner is the second grade solid controlequlpment in petroleum well-drilling liquld and solld phase control system.Firstly, the large amount of drilling liquid with drilling cuttings fromwellhole passes through the well-drilling liquid vibrating screen; then,the bigger particls in solid drilling cuttings pa88es through sand-removing cleaner to remove the more smaller solld phase thathaven't been removed by vibrating screen in slurry; the much cleanerdrilling llquld will flows Into the third part separating equipment一rotational flow mud-removing cleaner. It is characterized byreasonable arrangement,large dlisposing capaclty,high disposingquality,long service life,arbitrary combination of the laminatescreen,high-speed sand discharging.compact structure,non-obvlous startup and shutdown resonance reglon,long-term steadyoperation,convenient installation,maintenance,and it can also beused for welghted mud and non-welghted mud.