Solid Control System

Product Introduction:

slurry Solld Control System Is an indispensable constituent part for the modem well drlling section. It canensure the normal clrculating and stable performance of slurry during well drlling process. The system mainlyconslsts of slurry tank, vibrating screen, vacuum degasser, sand-removing cleaner, deslter, stirrer, centrlfuge,mud gun, mlxed aggravating funnel, sand pump, filing pump and all levels of solid control equipments. since2002,we have been engaged in production-manutacturing of the solld control system and equipments bymeriting advanced science and technology from companies of the same industry both home and aboard.And upto now, the developed ZJ10 Drller, ZJ30 Drller,ZJ40 Drller,ZJ50 Drller, ZJ60 Drller, ZJ70 Driller, ZJ90 Drllerand the slurry solid control system for all kinds of driller in large, medium and small type have been extensivelyapplied in the well drilling projects both domestic and overseas.

Main Characteristics:

The tank system is applled in road, railway, self-transportation, and can meet the convenient dlismantlingand installatlon requirements of drilling site move.

The tank body adopts V type corrugated board and enjoys the integral rigidity and nice outlook.The tank bottom uses the tilted structure for the character of fast and thorough sand-dlscharging.There is medium-pressure slurry pressing pipelines and clean water pipellines inside the tank.The tank is equlpped with heating plipelInes Inslde to guarantee the normal operation in winter.

The tank bodys are connected in such types as pneumatlc tire unions, glass steel tubes, steel unlons, andseamless steel, which enjoys convenient Installation and dlsmantling, and good elasticlty.

.The tank adopts the pressure bar type sand-cleaning valve,which is very easy for openning.