Recycling System for Barite

Product Introduction:

Barlte relalming aystem is formed in response to petroloum sold-control technlcal development on the basils ofordinary barite reclaming system and advanced tochnology from overseas, not only soving the problem of big muddensity during barite recylling process but also solving the centrifuge congesting problem.

Thls system consists of two inverter centrlfuge, spray,dlute devlce,recycling equlpment etc.For the speclallty ofbarite an intermediate speed and a high-speed centrifuge are designed.Intermediate speed one recycle barite andhlgh-speed one remove harmful solld-phase.After the recycling the barite ls returned back to the drilling loop systemby spraying to reach the recycling,utilization,and mixing together,realizing the organic bond of entire olrculation system.The high rellabllity of the aystem simplifes the operating procedures of the aystem optimizing the system processand also can be used for non emphasis dealing.

Technical Advantago and Features:

Adopt the well-adapted new frequency centrifuge,whose processible maxium mud density 2.8glcm') .Recyelingbarite slze 7-75u m,Emphasls the mud processing abllity ≥4mh (2.8g/cm')"mh ( 1.8g/cm ) Non emphasis theprocesslng abiliby≥40m/h ( 1.3g/cmR).

Adopt the high performance high-speed centrifuge. lts highest working speed is 3400r/min and can effectivelyremove the minimum 2um solid-phase.

Design ls fully mixing,tumbling,dilute,injection process recycling devlce ect.·Technology is reasonable,easy operation and high rellability.

Processlng capablllty,high economic benefit.