ZCNS Desilt-desand Cleaner Union for Drilling Fluid

Product Introduction:

The main body of ZCNS desilt-desandcleaner union is composed of shakerscreen,desander and desilter .

zS-1 shale shaker,powered by a specialacute burstisolated bibratory electromotor(canister-style electromotor) , has a tightstructure, high efficiency and reliable safety. Thehydraulic desanding cyclone is made of high-chrome cast iron and the hydraulic desilt cycloneis made of well-performanced polyamine material

whlch can bear the temperature by ± 40°℃.Cyclone part of both desander and desilter has merlts asfollows:anti-sand-adhibiting,anti-abrading ,anti-corroding,.convenient installing and fluentusing.ZCNS 10 is the ideal solid controlling device for drill mud.