ZS-2 Shale Shaker

Product Introduction:

Slurry vibrating screen is single screen, double screenand three screen respectively, which is the first grade newsolid control equipment in well-drilling slurry solid controlsystem. Through slurry vibrating screen,slurry fromwellhole with a large amount of drilling cuttings will beseparated Into solid-phase drilling cuttings and the clean

slurry which will enter into the secondary separating equipment—rotational flow sand-remover.

This serial of vibrating screen is of high disposing capacity,of well separating effect, of arbitrarycombination, of long service life , of non-obvious resonance region in startup and shutdown, and of long timesteady working.Users can select any type according to different disposing capaelty.What’s more, the servicelife of the new type of lateral crimping screen with 40-150 meshes can reach the international standards.