Forced Cooling Device for Rig Winch

Product Introduction:

Conventional rilg winch cooling depends on alr-coollng or ordlnarypitcher cycles, the poor effects of which cannot meet the need of thebraking system of rlg winches.The forced cooling syatem Is made up ofcooling water tanks, circulating pumps, radiators, pipelines of the fan andthe water level and temperature control device.

Structural features:

The structural features of radiators are sclentific and rational. thecooling effect is good and the power of the ventilator is great.

Ilt is both ok to use one water pump only and to use two pumps in parallel.Volume of coollng water: 1000L/min

The maximum water temperature should be 5 degrees centigradehigher than the environmental temperature.

The power of the ventilator of the radiator ls 15kw.