SGL-02 Cuttings Dryer

Product Introduction:

As the core part of oil-based mud waste treatment system, SGL-02 Cutting Dryer is equivalent toa vertical blade centrifugal dryer. A gravitational acceleration of 565G generated by a high-speedrevolution of 1200 rpm can effectively separate oil from oil-based/composite-based drilling cuttings,maximizing the recovery of oil-based drilling fluids. After treatment, the 'average oil content is lessthan 5%.

SGL-02 Cutting Dryer is developed and improved based on sGD-01 type,comprehensivelyincreasing the service life of the components.

Main features:

o Oil passage full closed loop, centralized lubrication mode imported from USA.Alloy mesh from Japan.

Floating blade, exclusive patent of Yidong.

Blade made by using the super wear-resistant alloy technology from Norway.

o The whole equipment is with an explosive-proof grade of ExdIlBT4, which meets the requirementsfor field explosion-proof.

oThe whole equipment is treated with Kansai Paint and negative painting technique, which meetsthe requirement for marine anticorrosion.

o Treated cuttings have been up to 50,000 cubic meters on the sites covering foreign and domesticshale regions.