BLD-2 Dried Mud Non Landing System

Product Introduction:

The BLD-2 dry drilling mud non landing system controls the water content of drilling cuttings in the drilling mud through a drilling cuttings dryer, stabilizes the liquid phase performance, and achieves non landing drying treatment, so that the liquid phase can meet the requirements of secondary reinjection utilization without damage. This system can effectively achieve the social value of current environmental protection requirements and maximize the economic value of effectively utilizing drilling fluid on the drilling site; By combining the advantages and disadvantages of similar foreign products, we have overcome the drawbacks of current industries that cannot effectively or completely treat different drilling fluids; The widespread application of this system has received widespread praise from customers in the field of environmental protection and waste disposal in foreign drilling sites.

Main features:

Based on different working conditions and requirements, the required modules can be selected to flexibly layout the entire system on site.

Adopting modular design, the system equipment has high integration density, small footprint, and convenient installation and transportation. Beneficial for daily routine maintenance and upkeep* Solid liquid separation reduces the liquid content of drilling cuttings, and effective separation can recover a large amount of drilling fluid.

·Large capacity continuous feeding, fast processing speed.

It can be processed synchronously with the drilling process. On site separation, on-site treatment, on-site recycling, and on-site production of finished products. No selectivity for mud types (water-based, oil-based), suitable for various drilling muds.

The final product after treatment by the processing unit, due to the effective control of pollutants during the solidification process, does not contain organic pollutants that can affect the environment in the finished product, and the solidified brick has high strength and does not crack.