BLD-1 pressure filtration type mud non landing system

Product Introduction:

The mud non landing system developed by our factory is to dilute, flocculate, and separate waste mud into three parts: rock debris, mud cake, and water. The solid substances in the mud are washed, flocculated, and treated with chemical reactions to meet the discharge standards. The harmful substances and chloride ions in the mud are separated into water, and then dehydrated into mud cakes by vacuum adsorption or extrusion, which can be recycled as paving materials, The liquid phase separated simultaneously is discharged or recycled through pre-treatment reverse osmosis membrane treatment.

Main features:

The equipment adopts a modular and pry mounted design, which is easy to disassemble and move, and can move with the drilling team, achieving non landing treatment while drilling, and adapting to the dispersion and fluidity of drilling operations. Solved the problem of secondary pollution and difficulty in recovery caused by occupying land in the mud pit.

The perfect combination of process technology and equipment has been achieved, truly achieving the disposal of waste drilling mud while drilling, which can eliminate the need for drilling teams to dig mud pools, save resources, and reduce costs.

Solved the industry wide problem of waste drilling mud not being able to undergo environmental protection treatment, mainly including the difficulty in breaking the adhesive of drilling mud; The high cost of drilling wastewater treatment; The treatment of organic pollutants in solid phase materials.