F series mud pump

Product Introduction:

The F series mud pump has a sturdy, compact structure, small volume, and good performance, which is suitable for drilling process requirements such as high pump pressure and large displacement in oil fields.

The F series mud pump has a long stroke and can be used at a low stroke, effectively improving the water feeding performance of the mud pump and extending the service life of vulnerable parts at the hydraulic end. The suction air bag has advanced structure and reliable use, which can achieve excellent buffering effect in the suction pipeline.

The power end of the F series pump adopts a combination of forced lubrication and splash lubrication, ensuring reliable lubrication and increasing the service life of the power end.

This series of pumps is widely used in oil fields and other industrial and mining enterprises, drilling, workover and other operations.

This series of pumps are strictly produced in accordance with API Spec 7K "Specification for Drilling and Workover Equipment" and undergo factory tests in accordance with this standard.