Centralized Water Treatment System

Product Introduction:

The Centralized Water Treatment System is a complete set of point-of-use water treatmentequipment designed for oilfield development. lt is composed of loading unit,settling unit,waterfiltration system, electrical control system and auxiliary components. It is skid-mounted with smallfootprint, stabile system, easy operation and maintenance, and quick relocation.Capacity: 200m3/d orother specifications.

Main features:

Mature, reliable and technologically advanced treatment process, for safe operation.Low power, low cost.

Standardized, modular and systematic design mode, for quick installation and subsequent systemmaintenance.

o Components selected based on technologically advanced, economical,safe,reliable,energyefficient and maximum reduction in maintenance cost.

Electrical control equipment and main test equipment and instruments selected from advancedforeign products or famous domestic brands, for reliable and safe operation.

o Equipment, instruments, valves and control system are all reliable, stable products after actualtest, and key equipment components are from foreign advanced products or domestic famous brands.The whole system design is simple and reasonable,and easy to operate.

Solid-phase recovery is consistent with Hazardous Waste ldentification Standards - ldentificationfor Extraction Toxicity GB/T5085.3-1996 and Soil Environmental Quality Standards GB/T5618-1995.