ZS-1Shale Shaker

Product Introduction:

Applied range

ZS-1shale shaker is a primary purifying equipment in the petroleum solids controlling system,it isMainly designed to remove harmful solids from drilingfluid.

zS-1 shale shaker is suited to various drilling devices of 2000-meter or bigger.


Structure features

Directly powered by acute bibratoryelectromotor the driving system is safeand reliable and can realize workingwithout any accident.

The block-screen has two structures of flatand ripple with big filtrating area to beapplied to various situations in muddealing. Also,it could be replaced easilyand rapidly.

The balancing part of the shaker skeletonwith upright supporter made in USA showswell vibratory performance,low noises andlong life.

Hydraulic pressure system can easilyadjust the incline angle of the shakerskeleton by 主 5° when It is running whichensures the mud to be treated reasonablyand efficiently.

zS-1 shale shaker shows a tight structure,slender frame and small occupation.